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4 Effective Ways to Protect Yourself From Bacterial Infections

4 Effective Ways to Protect Yourself From Bacterial Infections


Who doesn’t know about bacterial infections? Certainly, we all are aware of them. They are living creatures with only one cell and they are so tiny that they can’t be viewed with a naked eye. It is also said that they are so small that a colony of 1000 bacteria could easily fit across a small pencil eraser. The bacteria range from sever to mild, and some of the infections can even be life threatening. Bacterial infections can have effect on your blood, skin, or any organ of your body. The percentage of deaths from bacterial infections is growing rapidly.

There can be many sources giving birth to these bacterial infections, however some of them are still unrecognized.  For a healthy lifestyle, it is highly crucial to learn how to prevent the bacterial infections.

By adopting these basic infection prevention strategies, you can stay away from bacterial infections.

Wash your hands frequently:

Hand washing is a good habit and can help you prevent the spread of bacterial infection. Make your habit to wash hands after using toilet, after sneezing, after shaking hands with others and several times a day.  You also need to keep your hands clean before doing following activities.

Before Preparing food

  Before touching a wound

  Before eating anything

  Before giving medicine to a sick person


Be watchful for botulism:

Make sure to not consume anything that looks bloated, fungal or has a foul smell.  These are the signs of botulism, botulism is an extremely dangerous bacterium that can be threatening to your life if consumed. Foodborne botulism is linked with canned foods and the foods that have low acid material. While canning your food at home, follow all the canning procedures strictly.

Stay informed about water and food recalls.

Sometimes the water and food can become contaminated, therefore it is highly important to stay informed about them to avoid ingesting contaminated water and food. You may need to listen to the news in your local area to find out if there is any type of contamination in the local water supply. You can also listen to the news for food recalls and make sure to dispose of all the contaminated foods that are stored in your home.

Stay alert and clear of someone who looks sick.

It is really difficult to find out when someone has just a common cold or something more serious. Hence, it is good to avoid getting too close to someone who looks pale and ill. Do not touch people who have any kind of viral or bacterial infection, cough or flu or someone who you know have a contagious illness.

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