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The Right Way to Handle Acid In The Lab

The Right Way to Handle Acid In The Lab

Concentrated acids are supposed to be highly toxic and correlative to all the parts of the body, particularly for eyes and skin. But they are widely used in chemical labs; chemists use them to create certain useful chemicals. The acids must be handled carefully with the right equipment or else they may cause serious harm to your body. Here are some tips on how we can handle acids without damaging our skin, starting from a fashion-centric trendy lab coat!

Wear a lab coat:

Whenever you work in your lab, make sure to put on a lab coat to avoid any mishap and accident. There are various types of lab coats available in the market; some people prefer to buy simple lab coats while others prefer to get trendy lab coats. When you buy yourself white nursing dresses, make sure to get the one that is properly tailored and covers your body thoroughly. While handling acid, make the sleeves cover your wrists and button them all the way up. Also, make sure to cover other parts of your body. For instance, cover your toes with closed toe shoes, put on long pants and keep your hair tied up back.

Keep your eyes protected with safety goggles:

It is highly important to cover your eyes with lab safety goggles. While you work in the lab, many fluids are boiling near you, and they may accidentally get into your eyes so always wear your safety googles before you start working with harmful chemicals. These safety goggles are offered in different sizes and some of them can be adjusted because of the availability of adjustable strap in the back.

Use the acid-resistant gloves:

Before you handle acid in the lab, be sure to wear acid-resistant gloves to avoid any burn and causality.  These acid-resistant gloves are made from the acid-resistant materials, such as butyl or nitrile.

Work in a well- equipped lab:

A well-equipped is not just the one that has good apparatus, but a well-equipped lab is the one that holds emergency showers, eye washing stations and other chemicals that may reduce the severity of burns. Acquaint yourself with these locations in your lab and kit yourself properly before you start working with acids.

Choose acid-compatible containers:

There are many types of containers in the market, for instance; PVC, PP, LDPE, and many others. Various acids have different reactions when they come in contact with the material used to make these containers. Always make sure to investigate the material of the container before you use them for acids.

Use an appropriate size of container for the job:

Choosing the right container is also crucial to make sure a safe and protective handling of the acid. Stay on the safe side and use a container of the correct size. If your container is too large or too small, so the acid may spill out and can be hazardous for your skin.

Store acids in corrosives cabinets:

For the utmost safety of your lab, always store your acids in a dedicated corrosive cabinet. Store all the acids in that cabinet and keep them properly locked to avoid damage of other materials kept in your lab.

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