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It’s May 11 today, if in case anyone of you does not know what today is- It’s Eat All You Want Day. Omnomnom! ScrubsAndUniforms supports this day with all the compassion it has for food because- You have one life, so eat it all!

But it seems like someone took it on a highly serious note and did what he should not have done. Here’s a story that describes how chasing your favorite food, by illegal means, can almost kill you.

Keith Albert, a nurse in an Emergency Room, shared her experience about how her lunch got stolen on the regular and how she managed to catch the thief.

She told that someone used to take her lunch from the fridge where she worked, and she was pretty annoyed at this. She left a note once along with her lunchbox in the bag that said, ‘Whoever is stealing my lunch, please stop. I will catch you; this is a warning.’ However, the culprit didn’t quit and kept stealing with the same spirit. It didn’t happen every day though. It seemed that the thief didn’t like it whenever she brought PBJ sandwich. He loved ham and cheese, and it always got eaten. Whereas, Keith was so kind that she decided to make two, basically to offer another to the thief. She wrote a note with it, ‘I made one for you and one for me. Please leave me one.’

But eh! That guy was real gutsy! He ate both and put the note in the bag again. This time, Keith turned furious and mad and decided to take revenge to end this torture forever. What she did next was both fun and risky.

She ordered some Carolina Reaper pepper and sprinkled the ham and cheese sandwich with it. She mixed the seeds into the mayo. Now, this can be dangerous for the people who are allergic to Scoville which has such a high heat index of 2,200,000. Scoville is the ‘spicy heat’ measurement of peppers similar to a temperature in Fahrenheit. Carolina Reaper is over two million. That is too much!

Later on, what happened was the screaming of a housekeeping guy from another floor about being poisoned while flushing his mouth in the sink. He had esophageal spasms; this is when she got in trouble. The boss tried getting the information regarding this, but she explained how lovely she thinks the hot pepper is on her ham and cheese. She further asked, ‘How can I reasonably be expected to make lunch for myself reducing ingredients that may cause a reaction to someone who steals it? I would need a list of all the allergies and intolerances of the people planning to go in our fridge and steal our lunches or- here’s an idea- they can just not steal our food!’

Still, her boss assumed that it was a revenge prank by Keith that went wrong. They held ‘investigations’ as the culprit, which later on played the victim, lied and said that someone spiked his sandwich. He asked the investigators to check the ‘blue lunchbox’ named ‘Keith,’ and that is how they doubted her and called her to the office.

She, then, went in there with her boss, an HR representative was already present there. Her lunchbox was kept on the desk; her boss asked if it was hers and she confirmed it was. He further questioned, ‘Did you realize Darryl was poisoned after eating a sandwich out of this lunchbox?’

To which she bluntly responded, ‘Wow! No, thank God, it was not me. Who poisoned the sandwich?’ He then further added, ‘We were hoping you could explain why a sandwich is so spicy. It’s inedible, sends someone to the ER with esophageal spasms.’ Keith, then, informed them about her love for spicy food and hot pepper on ham and cheese.

Moreover, Darryl would have possibly confessed to stealing her food and the notes she left with her lunchbox and so, they reckoned that she would admit that she sprinkled Carolina Reaper and spiked the sandwich with Mayo when they confronted her about the notes. She, like expected, never nodded on this and beseeched them to return her lunchbox.

Apparently, neither Darryl was fired, nor her. They sporadically faced each other in the hall but never spoke. Keith took a job in another city, a couple of years later. The Carolina Reaper incident is rarely remembered since then, according to her.

Therefore, eating what you want is okay; but not when you are stealing it.


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